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About angelalign

Creating Beautiful Smiles Together

Founded initially in 2001 by Li Haumin in conjunction with Tsinghua Unversity and Beijing Capital Medical University. Angelalign is a leading service provider and manufacturer of clear aligners for Orthodontic treatment. Based in Shanghai, the company was established in 2003 and since then have been committed to providing a high-tech invisible solution for treating patients with orthodontic problems, bringing beautiful smiles and confidence to people around the world.

Over the past 18 years Angelalign has collaborated with many different universities around the globe to ensure our service keeps improving and our product develops. The R&D team has developed numerous advances in this time. Over 80 patents have been granted relating to processes, aligners, manufacturing and 3D technology. This has produced many revolutionary and innovative technologies in relation to clear aligner and general orthodontic treatment.

Throughout the development of Angelalign foremost in the mind of the company has been to produce a product that stays true to principles of modern orthodontics, provides efficiency to clinics and also allows patients to have a better experience when going through orthodontic treatment.

Angelalign has experienced exponential growth over the years and now operates the largest 3D printing centre in Asia and a fully automated manufacturing facility.

Over 250’000 patients have been treated using Angelalign and the company now owns one of the largest databases of treatment information. This allows the company to develop all the time, with the help of advanced AI and machine learning Angelalign gets better at what we do after every case.Angelalign will always use technological advances as the driving force behind the business and is committed to developing not just their products but also the orthodontic industry.

Angelalign will continue to put the patient and the clinician first and work collaboratively for the bettering of the orthodontic treatment experience.


Using advanced technology to benefit both the patient and the clinician.
Each angelalign case in completely customized for each patient!
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AngelMind Philosophy launched – the combination of treatment philosophies, technological innovation and collaboration between clinicians to create healthy, functional and beautiful treatment outcomes.


Released masterForce--the updated biomechanical research platform.
Launched masterMulti, the ability to use different thicknesses of aligners.
Development of masterControl a new unique aligner material designed to handle complex tooth movements.


Angelalign Pro released, with thin then thick aligner material to provide better patient comfort and faster treatment times.


A6 Mandibular Advancement Treatment option launched – the first clear aligner class II correction device. Developed in conjunction with Prof Shen Gang.

A7 Extraction Protocols and attachments released – using over 12 years of treatment data to optimise molar anchorage and molar translation.


First A-Tech Conference in Shanghai, China


iOrtho? Digital Treatment Planning Software Launched.


New factory established in Wuxi to keep up with the rapid growth of the business – to be the largest 3D printing operation in Asia.


Angelalign create the first 3D Printing production line in China.


Angelalign granted the first patent in relation to Clear Aligner treatment by the Chinese IPO.


Angelalign released to wider market within China.


Angelalign established in cooperation with Tsinghua University and Beijing Capital Medical University to research and create the first clear aligner production facility and business in Asia.

This information is to provide users with information about the product information of angelalign by answering user questions. The customer service specialists who answer questions are not professional medical staff.
They do not provide advice on medical treatment and diagnosis. Angelalign may collect ,store and use information about you when providing services, and we will take necessary confidentiality measures to protect your information.