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Examplary case


TMD, Mild Resorption of Condyle
41 Deformed
Skeletal Class II : Maxilla Protrusion, Chin Retrognathia
Average Growth Pattern
Gummy Smile
Class II, Div I
Upper and Lower Anterior Proclination
Lower Midline Shift
Deep Overbite and Overjet
Teeth Torsion


Treatment objectives

1. Improve skeletal class II profile and smile .
2. Correct protrusion , midline Shift and rotations.
3. Achieve normal overbite and overjet , adjust molar relationship.


Treatment plan

1.Extract 41,Align dentitions , level curve of space , correct openbite and close extraction space.
2. Orthognathic surgery – Maxillary anterior segment osteotomy.
3. Post-surgery orthodontic treatment – Mesialise maxillary posterior teeth , close remaining space , achieve class I canine and full class II molar relationship.
4. Comprehensive retention plan.


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