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Starting Again in the Name of Champion, Angelalign Pro Creates a Champion-like Smile for Users.

Source:angelalign Time:2018-01-01

On January 1, 2018, the domestic well-known invisible orthosis brand EA officially released its main product angelalign Pro. The new name contains the brand in the new year for the users to get the new posture to display--2018, Hello, Champion!


▲?? angelalign Pro logo

There is a story behind every name, and the Angelalign Pro is no exception. According to Angelalign CEO Li Huamin, the word "Pro" comes from the strategic cooperation between the brand and Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports. In September 2017, Angelalign announced to provide preparation protection products for the national team athletes, and will continue to carry out the "Champion Smile Plan" in the future, so that when athletes fight hard in the competitions, when they stand on the podium to win the honor, their smile will also be incredibly confident in the “champion style."


▲Lv Tiehang, Deputy Director of the Training Bureau under the General Administration of Sports (second from right) and Angelalign CEO Li Huamin (second from left) join hands on the road to smiling champion

"Champion is not only an honor, but also represents a character, that is, the spirit of taking the lead, making breakthrough and the pursuit of perfection", Li Huamin said. Angelalign Pro relies on revolutionary mechanical testing and analysis platform MasterForce?, which can let every movement of the teeth have basis, uses the innovative MasterControl? materials, which are collaboratedl by Angelalign and the world's leading invisible materials R & D companies and gains authoritative certification from the UCLA Dental Research Service Center; besides, Angelalign Pro is also the world's first scientific application of the multi-mode system MasterMulti?, which combines with the thin membrane correction, gives play to their respective advantages, and has a gentle and continuous process, so that users can easily smile every day and witness the miracle of beauty every week.

"Champion is not only a ranking, but more importantly a spirit, representing the constant transcendence and perseverance", Li Huamin said, "Angelalign thinks that everyone daring to make breakthrough in the self, with a smile to prove themselves is a smile champion." Angelalign is willing to use its own champion quality, accurate control of complex cases, to create a champion-like confident smile for every ordinary person, and turns into a new self.”

While Angelalign Pro was released, another main product Angelalign is also born, with their respective name for users to distinguish. Change is more than that. Angelalign has upgraded the interior packing of its full line of products, and the new packaging is named “Hello 1.0”. Hello represents a value, an attitude, to say hello to new braces, new progress. It uses new environmentally friendly materials with natural degradation and translucent design. You can clearly identify the new braces without opening them. In addition, Angelalign also designed a unique "small black box", convenient for users to contain the braces and seal the memory of the past.


▲?? angelalign logo

As the world's only thin membrane invisible orthosis, Angelalign Pro with its precise control of complex cases, helps tens of thousands of users "every week to be a little more beautiful", and regain a charming smile. This new start and new upgrading will bring more surprises, more beautiful smiles. Let us follow the footsteps of Angelalign Pro to witness the birth of a smiling champion.

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