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Angelalign "Champion Smile Plan" Was Officially Launched to Care the Dental Health of National Team Athletes

Source:angelalign Time:2018-01-21

On January 21, Angelalign “Champion Smile Plan” entered the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports to bring professional dental examinations to the athletes of national team in hard training. Many of our favorite athletes came to the scene to participate in dental examinations and have a comprehensive understanding of dental health. After a professional dental examination, it was found that athletes generally have dental caries, gum bleeding and other problems. In daily life, they need to pay more attention to their dental hygiene, see a doctor in time when problems are found, and protect the health of their teeth.


▲Athletes are examined by professional dentists

According to the head of the Training Bureau, "we are now in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics preparation cycle, and athletes work hard day and night to protect the honor of their motherland with hard work and sweat. Thanks Angelalign very much for bringing professional dental examination services to athletes during the tense training interval." On the same day, at the Rehabilitation Center of Training Bureau under the General Administration of Sports, we met the Olympic champions and seed players in table tennis, badminton, diving, swimming, gymnastics, track and field, synchronized swimming and other events, all full of vitality and high morale Professional dentists of the Angelalign Invisible orthodontic Demonstration Base have conducted a comprehensive dental examination for athletes to help them have a more in-depth understanding of the dental condition. Some athletes have also experienced dental scanning and seen their teeth arrangement and occlusion through three-dimensional graphics.

The examination results showed that athletes generally had dental caries, gingival bleeding and other problems, and some athletes also had common malocclusion such as deep overbite, deep coverage and crowded dentition. Several athletes who had done correction were also found recurring because they did not insist on wearing the retainer." After the examination is completed, we provides each athlete with a personalized examination report and provide corresponding diagnosis and treatment suggestions to help athletes regain dental health and shine a confident smile," said one of the staff of "Champion Smile Plan" of Angelalign.


▲Badminton Olympic champion Li Xuerui participates in the examination and signs for memory

It is reported that this activity also specially set up knowledge explanation areas to help athletes develop the awareness of dental health protection by popularizing the hazards and prevention of common problems such as gingival bleeding, dental caries, tooth defect and dentition irregularity. Many athletes heard of invisible orthodontics for the first time, and the 3D plan of Angelalign invisible orthodontics demonstrated on the spot has aroused the curiosity and attention of athletes.

Li Xuerui, badminton women's singles champion of the 2012 London Olympic Games, said in an interview: "I used to pay little attention to teeth. Today, doctors found some problems and told me many daily nursing tips, which I will try my best to do. Athletes must learn to protect their teeth, because on the international stage, our smiles not only represent ourselves, but also the motherland. Thanks to the close examination brought by Angelalign, we are very proud that our national enterprises can have such innovative achievements and hope that my smile will become more beautiful through invisible correction."


▲The young gymnasts of the gymnastics team fill out the information form in an orderly manner and look forward to dental examinations

The athletes who uphold the Olympic dream need strong strength and good health. Athletes who devote themselves to training on weekdays tend to neglect tooth protection. As a guarantee product for athletes of the national team for the Training Bureau, Angelalign will provide professional services in dental care and orthodontics to athletes and coaches through the "Champion Smile Plan” to give them the power of smile.

Angelalign CEO Li Huamin said that Angelalign, as an independent and innovative national brand in the field of invisible orthodontic treatment, has always been committed to promoting the development of digital orthodontic treatment in China and creating a smile that will affect the world. Angelalign will put this smile belief into practice continuously, make every champion's smile with our loving attitude, let athletes prepare for competitions without worry, focus on their dreams and win glory, and use their confident smile to influence the world on behalf of China.

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