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Angelalign Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with 3Shape Company to Create a New Digital Dental Experience

Source:angelalign Time:2018-05-18

On May 18, Shanghai EA Medical Instruments Limited and Denmark’s 3Shape formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, with Angelalign CEO Li Huamin and 3Shape Global Vice President and Asia Pacific General Manager Jin Ye attending the signing ceremony. In the future, the two sides will open up, integrate their respective advantages and innovative technologies, and carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of digital dentistry to jointly create a fast, comfortable and accurate dental diagnosis and treatment experience for users.


As a well-known provider of digital orthodontic products and services in the orthodontic industry, Angelalign has comprehensively promoted the innovation and development of China's digital orthodontic field from different sectors such as material science, biomechanics, computer science, clinical stomatology and 3D printing technology. It not only has a huge database of Asian dentistry, but also has obtained patent technology in many fields. Talking about the prospect of cooperation with 3Shape, Angelalign CEO Li Huamin said, "Accurate dental data collection is an important prerequisite for personalized customization of invisible appliances. This time, Angelalign will work hand in hand with 3Shape to enable users' dental data to quickly and seamlessly interface with Angelalign's digital orthodontic platform, which will strongly promote the innovation and reform of digital stomatology."

3Shape comes from Denmark and specializes in developing 3D scanner and CAD/CAM software solutions. It is famous all over the world for its high-precision image acquisition and true color technology, and now occupies a mainstream position in the global digital dental market. "3Shape focuses on the field of dental scanning and has clients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. We hope to have greater development in the field of dental digitalization in the future, so we have chosen the professional brand of invisible correction in China--Angelalign. Angelalign's strong ability in medical design and scientific and technological innovation shows us the influence of Chinese orthodontics and Chinese creation. I hope this cooperation can push forward the development of Chinese dental industry and promote the rapid development of 3Shape in the world." 3Shape Global Vice President and Asia Pacific General Manager Jin Ye said.

At present, China's invisible orthodontic industry has entered a rapid development stage, and more and more users are interested in invisible appliances that can make teeth beautiful quietly. As a professional invisible orthodontic brand in China, Angelalign and 3Shape's strategic cooperation could be a powerful combination. This cooperation will bring about a new development pattern in the field of digital dentistry, and will also help more users eager to regain a bright smile and realize their dreams faster and better.

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