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AngelalignMind Launch, A Thinking Evolution of Orthodontics in China

Source:angelalign Time:2018-06-07

On June 7, 2018, Angelalign A-Tech Conference opened for the fifth time. It welcomed more than 1, 200 experts, scholars and orthodontists from all over the country in Shanghai to witness the wisdom and strength of Chinese orthodontics. At the conference, MS. Li Huamin, CEO of Angelalign Group, officially unveiled Angelalign's digital orthodontic intelligent system AngelalignMind. "This is AngelalignMind's first debut and I'm very happy to introduce this achievement to you. The theme of this conference is precision evolution. Angelalign has been pursuing precision, experiencing the evolution of products, technologies and ideas. AngelalignMind is an evolution of ideas and an expression of wisdom in Chinese orthodontics", Li Huamin said.

Ms. Li Huamin introduced AngelalignMind's interprets the trajectory from core research and development to application of Angelalign and represents Angelalign's ability and confidence to create intelligent orthodontics and precision for wider doctors.

AngelalignMind is composed of four layers: philosophy, technology, tools and goals. Among them, the underlying philosophy is the core method and thought based on the understanding of digital orthodontic targets. The second layer is the technological innovation based on the underlying thought. The third layer is applied innovation based on technological innovation. The top layer is the common goal of Angelalign and orthodontists to work together to create a healthy, balanced and beautiful craniofacial structure and bring beauty to users.


▲ AngelMind

AngelalignMind's goal is to help every doctor in the future, to make orthodontics more precise, intelligent, natural and flexible, and to complete an evolution of intelligent thinking with Chinese orthodontics. On the morning of June 7, the speakers of the innovation session explained the connotation of AngelalignMind by each level.


▲ Professor Cai Bin, Hospital of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen University

Professor Cai Bin, from Hospital of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen University, brought "Tracing the Origin--A Way to Invisible Orthodontic Treatment". Professor Cai Bin believes that orthodontics should follow the nature, healthy, natural, balanced and beautiful cranio-maxillofacial structure, and he put forward the concept of "biological integral orthodontic system", which is also AngelalignMind's underlying philosophical thinking and the core method and thought based on the understanding of digital orthodontics.


▲ Professor Chen Song, West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University

Professor Chen Song of West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, introduced the evolution of A7 premolar extraction and correction solutions, which is AngelalignMind's solution at the application level. According to the accurate calculation of MasterForce biomechanics test and analysis platform, A7 has been very precise in controlling the mechanics of correction of complex tooth extraction cases. This time, Professor Chen Song brought A7 2.0, from 1.0 focusing on sagittal to 2.0 focusing on sagittal, vertical and coronal directions and adding appliance shape control and auxiliary MIA anchorage mechanics control. From 2D to 3D, A7’s evolution will greatly reduce uncertainty and improve the accuracy and predictability of mechanical expression of appliances, thus improving the accuracy of mechanical control of orthodontic tooth movement in complex extraction cases.


▲ Ben Wu, Professor of UCLA Dental College

Ben Wu, a professor at UCLA Dental College, brought "Mechanical Characterization of Master Control", which is an in-depth study of AngelalignMind's application. Prof Ben Wu presented his comparative study of various clinical appliance materials. The results show that it is not the better the elasticity of the invisible appliance materials, the better the effect, because all invisible polymer materials cannot avoid relaxation and creep, thus affecting the treatment effect. A good invisible appliance material can sacrifice a part of its elasticity to obtain more precise mechanical control. MasterControl has shown better creep resistance than other materials before and after clinical wearing, realizing accurate control of tooth movement.


▲ Professor Hu Wei, Peking University School of Stomatology

Professor Hu Wei, Peking University School of Stomatology, shares with us "Research on the Underlying Theoretical Basis: A Deep Exploration of Angelalign Invisible Orthodontics". He conducted case analysis through the MasterForce platform, and formed standardized design rules for deep overlap cases. Professor Hu Wei calculated each depression method in sequence on the master force platform, and obtained the comparison of mechanical characteristics of different depression modes, and further concluded in the actual clinical verification that step depression is more suitable for adults and patients with deep overlap. For teenagers and patients with periodontal accessory loss, synchronous depression will be better. This is Professor Hu Wei's contribution to AngelalignMind's application.

The doctors present at the meeting were amazed at the emergence of AngelalignMind's intelligence system. The doctors’ understanding of Angelalign before was an innovative technology and product. This time they attended the A-Tech conference and witnessed the birth of AngelalignMind, a digital orthodontics intelligent system. Combining with the speeches made by experts and guests in the past two days, they had a more holistic understanding and grasp of the idea, method system and technical products of Angelalign orthodontics and was more confident in its clinical application.

Ms. Li Huamin sent a message to orthodontists at the A-Tech conference. She said that the great building is the art of solidification, with its own soul, and accurate orthodontics also has its own thinking and system. AngelalignMind's proposal is a leap forward in thought. I hope AngelalignMind can help every doctor in the future, inject thinking, wisdom and soul into orthodontic treatment, help more users and reach the destination of beauty.

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