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The 2017 A-Tech Conference Summary: Angelalign Advances "Made in China" to "Created in China"

Source:angelalign Time:2017-06-20

The 2017 Accuracy A-tech Conference was successfully concluded on June 17 in Mount She, Shanghai, China. Experts in the field of orthodontics come together to share advanced scientific and technological achievements and to witness the cutting-edge development and technological innovation of China's orthodontic industry.

One vision to the future, 2 invisible orthodontic technology breakthroughs, 3 Master series releases, 24 case sharing, more than 700 doctors moved ... Now we will share them all with you.

Make the impossible possible

Mastercontrol? groundbreaking new orthosis materials


Kang Ting, professor of the Growth and Development Department and the Orthodontics Major, UCLA School of Dentistry


Yulong Zhang, Angelalign & UCLA MasterControl project member

At the beginning of the conference, Kang Ting & Yulong represented Angelalign &UCLA MasterControl project team, to make the report on the new generation of invisible orthodontic diaphragm.



Mastercontrol? provides more appropriate force for many different types of complex tooth movements, and can still provide sufficient force for tooth movement after stress relaxation.

There are two special mechanical booths showing the excellent resilience and fracture resistance of MasterControl?:



Once a second, from A-tech Conference opening ceremony yesterday to now, the Angelalign invisible braces made by the MasterControl? materials have experienced 80000+ times of rebounding and tearing-resistance test. But this is not the limit, because the test has been going on for one months before the start of the convention, which testifies to the excellent rebounding performance and tearing resistance of the MasterControl? materials.


Immersion experiments have also proved that the MasterControl? materials have a significant advantage over the older generations of materials in terms of chemical corrosion resistance.


The unique single-sided matte texture design of the MasterControl? materials enhance the friction between the invisible orthosis and the tooth surface compared to the older generation of materials, makes the expression of the orthodontic force more accurate, the control is more effective, and the complex long-distance tooth movement possible.

The emergence of MasterControl? materials let us have more diversified invisible orthodontic options in the future.

Open the "black box" of invisible orthodontics

MasterForce? Test and analysis system of mechanical elements for the whole process


Professor Chen Song, West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University

Professor Chen Song, West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University, and Mr. Huanglei, Angelalign Group, jointly released the revolutionary innovative technology at the conference, the orthodontic mechanical test and analysis system with environmental elements, MasterForce?.


Simulation means restoring as close to the real correction environment as possible, on the basis of which the movement of teeth is further completed to achieve accurate treatment.

Contact mechanics, biological reactions, individualized differences, orthodontic design, manufacturing processes, material properties, etc., are all factors that will affect the correction.


MasterForceTM, as a test and analysis system for the mechanical factors of the whole process without brackets, transforms these factors into digital parameters and constructs a test environment that is close to the real invisible correction. Opened the "black box" of invisible correction, providing a powerful quantifiable and visual tool for accurate expression of invisible orthodontic correction.

Meet the multiple futures of invisible correction

MasterForceTM era angel multi-mode correction system

Race, age, gender, dental and maxillofacial structure, type of mismatch, patient appeal,Every patient is a unique individual. These differences determine that orthodontics must be a personalized treatment.


Dr. Tian Jie, Angelalign Group

At the conference, Dr. Tian Jie of the Angelalign Group put forward a new concept of orthodontics--MasterMulti?: Doctors can choose different diaphragms, correction modes and orthodontic appliance wearing cycle according to the individual needs of various case types and orthodontic stages.


For example, the case of alveolar bone absorption can choose a thin and elastic orthosis, the case of arch enlargement can use thick-diaphragm orthosis, the case of obvious dislocation or tooth extraction can opt for thin-diaphragm orthosis in the first stage and thick-diaphragm orthosis in the second stage; the orthosis wearing cycle will also have more options: 3 days? 7 days? 20 days? ......

Personalized treatment hails to us in the near future.

Breaking the bottleneck of traditional invisible orthodontic treatment

An invisible orthodontic solution to A7 tooth extraction cases

The crown height is not enough, there is no obvious concave fixation shape, large overlay depth, small crowding degree, insufficient lip tilt, molar tooth shaft near the tilt is large ... These familiar nouns are believed to have been met when you did all the invisible cases of tooth extraction.


A7 to accurately control the height of the posterior teeth and prevent the mandible from rotating clockwise by replacing the strong accessory of the gingival side, increasing the accessory arm, and preparing the posterior tooth design.

Efficient accessory design, accurate mechanical control, the realization of flat movement to the middle and distance for cuspids. Torque accessory optimization, over-correction design, orthosis package increase are all used to ensure the normal lip tilt when the anterior teeth are closed in.

At the conference, Professor Liu Yan, Doctor Zhou Wei’an, Professor Zhao Qing, Doctor Li Liyan, Doctor Cao Yang and Professor Chen Yuxue, shared their views with the other doctors present on 6 cases of invisible orthodontic treatment throughout the process. A 7 makes it no longer difficult to receive full invisible tooth extraction and orthodontic treatment.

New hope for patients with mandibular retreat

A6 new generation dual jaw plate orthosis


In the traditional fixed correction, doctor have always face a big headache--"Bony Ⅱ type" mandibular deformity, which features poor treatment effect, long cycle and difficult operation.

Angelalign together with Professor Shengang launched A6 technology. A6 double Jaw plate orthosis opens the bite by forming the jaw pad, gradually realizes the posterior tooth bite through the oblique front mandible, and finally completes the correction and arrangement of misplaced teeth. The transformation of two-stage treatment into single-stage treatment greatly improves the efficiency of correction and reduces the correction cycle.

As early as two years ago, A6 had been developed and put into clinical practice. So far there have been thousands of successful cases, bringing new hope to those patients with mandibular retreat and shrinkage.


At this conference, Professor Shengang of Shanghai Bybo Dental Hospital, analyzed the A6 invisible SGTB orthodontic technology in detail from the structural characteristics, the stability basis for the long-term curative effect, its special advantages, TMD and other angles, and made prospects for the future of A6 innovation.

Professor Hu Wei, Doctor Li Liyan, Doctor Zhao Ning, Professor Zhou Li, Doctor Wang Wei, Dr. Wang Hua, Professor Li Juan and Dr. Xu Ziqing shared at the conference the juvenile cases they had completed with A6 and their thoughts on A6.

The first step in connecting the world's orthodontics

EA x UCLA Digital Orthodontic Elite Class


In March this year, Angelalign and UCLA jointly hosted the first EA digital orthodontic elite class successfully. This is the first step in China's orthodontic progress towards the world's orthodontic excellence.

The first group of participants at UCLA reaped the international frontier orthodontic ideas and emerging technologies, experienced and effectively mastered the new management concepts, diagnostic techniques and operational skills in the field of international orthodontics.

At the same time, at this A-tech conference, the first UCLA China Orthodontic Elite Alumni Association successfully unveiled, and launched the second UCLA China orthodontic elite class recruitment, so that more excellent orthodontic doctors can have the opportunity to access the world level, and makes face-to-face exchanges and learning, in a bid to build more ties between the Chinese orthodontics and the World orthodontics.


Kang Ting, professor of the Growth and Development Department and the Orthodontics Major, UCLA School of Dentistry

In addition, in the sagittal and vertical regulation special sessions, Dean Du Peijia, Dr. Hu Yusheng, Dr. Chen Yunjia, Dr. Luo Jie, Dr. Huang Qianqian, Dr. Xiong Hongzhen, Dr. Li Hu and Professor Gu Zexu each told their quality cases.

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