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Angelalign Accessory Template 2.0 Was Officially Launched to Make the Accessory Fit with the Teeth more Accurately!

Source:angelalign Time:2017-12-25

In order to make the accessories more accurate, Angelalign upgraded the accessory template completely and officially launched Angelalign Accessory Template 2.0.

The accessory template is one of the main tools for attaching accessories and exists for attaching accessories. It is similar to the orthosis appliance but thinner than the appliance. When the correction plan reaches the step of attaching the accessory, the corresponding accessory template will be given to the clinician for accessory attachment.


In steps 4 and 5 of the attaching accessory operation, the tool used is the accessory template

As an important auxiliary device for appliance retention and orthodontic force expression, the accuracy of accessory shape and position is very important for orthodontic force expression. The upgraded MasterControl-material accessory template can make the bonded accessory more accurate in shape and position, more fit with the tooth surface, and reduce the risk of accessory falling off, so as to control the teeth more accurately and control the movement of complex teeth easily.

Angelalign Accessory Template 2.0: Thinner Shape

The new accessory template is softer and has higher wrapping property, so that the accessory is more tightly attached to the tooth surface, and the adhesive property of the accessory is effectively improved.

Angelalign Accessory Template 2.0: Smarter Adhesion

The bonding force between the template material and the accessory resin and between the template material and the adhesive is much smaller than the bonding force between the tooth surface and the adhesive, and the risk of the accessory falling off is lower.

Angelalign Accessory Template 2.0: More Accurate Positioning

The adhesive position of the accessory is more accurate and the accessory is more precise, which ensures that the adhesive accessory is more closely attached to the tooth surface while easily controlling the movement of complex teeth.

Here is a little cartoon to let you know more about it:


In 2017, Angelalign released a series of Master technologies and platforms including MasterForce, MasterControl and MasterMulti. Under the simulation and clinical experiment of MasterForce biomechanic platform, the accessory template 2.0 is added to Angelalign’s precision control system to realize the precision control of tooth movement through the precision control of accessories. The continuous improvement of precision control will enable Angelalign to innovate continuously and create a smile that will affect the world hand in hand with doctors.

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