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Angelalign’s Summer Smile Campaign, Give You a Hot Summer with Red Lips and White Teeth!

Source:angelalign Time:2018-08-16

?????? Only a beaming smile could match the days of bright sunshine. And only with nice teeth and brilliant lips can you have such a smile! If you desire more regular and pretty teeth and if you want to leave a perfect smile on important moments of life, you should never miss the Season 2 of “Summer Smile Campaign” for 2018 launched by Angelalign. You will not only beautify your teeth quietly through invisible orthodontic treatment, but also get a long-awaited TOM FORD lipstick. In this summer, just show your magnificent smile and become the best view in crowds.

It was reported that once Angelalign’s "Summer Smile Campaign" was launched last year, an unprecedented upsurge of attention was aroused. It witnessed more than tens of thousands of participants and the birth of thousands of braces diaries, becoming a hot topic of discussion for the users and the public, a hot event in the invisible orthodontic circle last summer.

This year, Angelalign’s "Summer Smile Campaign Season 2" arrives as promised. Since its launch on June 14, the response has been enthusiastic and the number of online participants has soared, which is related to the upgraded prizes, game rules, mechanisms and channels in this year's event.

According to Angelalign’s head for this event, "the four major betterments are specifically designed to enhance the experience of users. They include as follows: First, the channels have been improved. This year, we chose two active internet platforms of WeChat’s Friends Circle and xiaohongshu come to help users participate in the event more quickly and conveniently and at the same time communicate about beauty with friends with braces. Second, the prizes are upgraded. Angelalign has prepared the star brand Tom Ford lipsticks as a thoughtful gift for users, which makes the best match for bright eyes and magnificent teeth, so that your smile will shine brilliantly this summer. Third, our mechanisms have been improved. Angelalign has simplified the process of user participation and carefully designed the campaign manual in a fresh and vivid painting style to guide users in participation. Fourth, the game rules are enhanced. The campaign coincides with the World Cup, Asian Games and other popular sports events. Angelalign has specially prepared tattoo stickers related to the football, braces, Chinese characters and other hot topics to cater for users’ taste, so that you can display yourself anytime and anywhere and share with friends.

As for the specific rules, the campaign head said that new users only need to complete two steps, to share self-photos to friends circle, and to publish a dental diary on xiaohongshu. After completing the above two steps, one can pass the review and then contact the attending doctor to get a Tom Ford lipstick. While the old users could even have the chance to get Tom Ford lipstick every week as long as they publish a high-quality dental diary on xiaohongshu as required.

It is said that women always feel themselves short of a seasonal color number for the lipsticks. Just in this summer, I believe that this fiery red lip show organized by Angelalign will be inspirational enough for all those who love beauty to act and pursue the most beautiful self.

A beautiful confident smile comes from a mouthful of healthy teeth. If you want to have a charming smile, come and follow the summer campaign of Angelalign, so that you will have the chance to get a desired lipstick while unconsciously becoming beautiful. If you have chosen Angelalign, you may as well pass on this confident smile and join Angelalign in staring the highest carnival this summer. Action now!

Angelalign is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of invisible orthodontic technology, production and sales of invisible appliances. With its focus on the field of dental digitization, it has grown into a pioneer in China's invisible orthodontic industry and reshaped a beautiful smile for more than 150,000 users. Angelalign has also cooperated with the Training Bureau of China’s General Administration of Sport to provide quality products for athletes of the National Team athletes, and is committed to creating a champion smile for them in competitions that will affect the world.

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