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iOrtho 8.0, Coming Online on August 1!

Source:angelalign Time:2018-08-06


On August 1, 2018, Angelalign’s iOrtho 8.0 was launched!

This new upgrade completed the transformation of iOrtho 8.0 from a tool to a platform.

For doctors, iOrtho 8.0 is not only an intelligent tool for managing cases, but also a new communication platform connecting products, users and the world at large.

For the users, iOrtho 8.0 helps them establish a connection with the doctor, so that the user can get a better experience.

iOrtho connects you to the larger world!

For doctors

Smart connection brings you one step faster than others, and labeled cases are easy to grasp at one glance.

The function of case management has been upgraded completely. By means of labeling, case management has become clearer and more convenient, intelligent search has made it easy to screen cases, and the user's personal information, case progress status and matters to be handled are clear at a glance. iOrtho 8.0 intelligent reminder helps doctors promote every important work and relieve doctors from paper cases.


▲ Label Management of Cases

iOrtho 8.0 can also easily realize seamless multi-terminal switching, making case viewing and modification more efficient and easier.

Warm communications means whatever the users want is considered and grasped by the doctors in the progress

Through the doctor-specific QR code or the QR code on the back of the appliance inner bag, users can realize one-to-one binding with doctors, and understand and follow their appliance wearing situations through small programs such as a braces timer, so as to shorten the distance between doctors and each user and effectively improve the emotional communication and trust with users.


▲ Understand the wearing situations of users

Wide contact makes cases easily accessible and thus remarkable improves their value

iOrtho 8.0, through intelligent search, helps doctors organize and edit the past cases, clearly grasp each case, and access and retrieve them anytime, anywhere.


▲ Sharing the cases at one click

Doctors can share the cases they wish to share to various social platforms, whether it is Weibo or WeChat’s friends circle, and users can understand the excellent cases of doctors on the social media, thus helping doctors build and promote personal brands, and make every case more valuable.

For users

Quick connection let you meet the future and fall in love with the better self

We have fully opened “Make it” digital orthodontic rapid design solution, and through the open mouth scanning device terminal, data transmission to the iOrtho 8.0 system can be finished in one click, thus quickly obtaining the 3D target position.


▲ 3D fast target positioning for checking the correction effect

“Make it” fully opens up the capabilities of Angelalign’s data processing and software processing, which are connected to the terminal hardware capabilities of various brands of dental scanning equipment, providing orthodontists with the ability to scan and output design target positions quickly, so users can see the comparison between the present and the future at the first visit.

Emotional bond ensures you the company of doctors 24-7 for sincere protection

Through the doctor-specific QR code or the QR code on the back of the appliance inner bag, you can get the connection with the doctor, share the appliance wearing progress, and get the doctor's help anytime and anywhere.


▲ Record the wearing situations of users by the small programs

See below for the way to obtain the small programs

The new Angelalign iOrthor 8.0 is a multi-terminal digital orthodontic intelligent service platform. We are expecting iOrtho 8.0 to become a doctor's handy assistant man and provide better services for users.

Connect products, services, doctors and users through iOrtho. iOrtho connects you to the larger world!

iOrtho login portal

01:Enter the official website of Angelalign through the "iOrtho” button in the upper right corner.

02:Search "iOrtho" in App Store and Android application store to access the small program

Obtain the small programs

There are mainly the following ways to obtain the "Angelalign Butler" (small program):

01:Search "Angelalign Butler" in "WeChat" - "Discovery" - "Small Program".

02:Scan the QR code on the braces package with “WeChat" directly, and after the successful binding, there will be an entrance to get the small program.

03:In Angelalign's official WeChat public account, find "associated small programs" to obtain it.

04:Receiving a link from others to share the "Angelalign Butler".

Let's work together to create a smile that makes a difference in the world!

This information is to provide users with information about the product information of angelalign by answering user questions. The customer service specialists who answer questions are not professional medical staff.
They do not provide advice on medical treatment and diagnosis. Angelalign may collect ,store and use information about you when providing services, and we will take necessary confidentiality measures to protect your information.