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A6-SGTB Twin Block Appliance

The A6 aligner Twin Block appliance is the result of years of research and collaboration with Professor Shen Gang. With integrated occlusal pads functional correction can be achieved at the same times as aligning teeth.

It is the first class II correction appliance to be produced as clear aligner. Using the design of a traditional twin block, using occlusal blocks to push the lower jaw forward-the A6 combines Phase I and Phase II treatments to potentially reduce treatment time and also aids with treatment efficiency.

The A6 Twin Block guides the mandible forward by the inclined surface between the upper and lower jaw occlusal blocks. The posterior teeth are gradually engaged to guide the mandible to a class I position.

As the treatment progresses and the mandible moves forwards, highly advanced algorithms and software design slowly reduces the size of the occlusal pads. This allows the posterior teeth is gradually establish the correct bite and a stable jaw position. This also means that the doctor doesn’t have to make constant adjustments like with traditional class II correction appliances-clinically it is simple and convenient for doctor and the patient.


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